Stramberk is a very small city located in the Moravian-Silesian hills in the east of the Czech republic, not far from the border to Poland. First mentioned in 1211, it received city privileges in 1359. Stramberk is a pristine, beautiful village surrounded by forests, with gabled wooden cottages and a picturesque main square. The Stramberk castle with its cylindrical Truba tower lies on a hilltop above the city.
01 Souvenir shop on main square 02 Souvenir shop on main square 03 Fountain 04 Hotel Sipka 05 Hotel Sipka
06 Main square 07 View with castle tower 08 Clock tower 09 Houses on main square
10 Houses on main square 11 Church tower 12 Museum 13 House facades on main square
14 Plant with white flowers 15 Church 16 Panoramic view of Stramberk 17 Interior of castle tower
18 Interior of castle tower 19 Main square of Stramberk 20 Stramberk village
21 Panoramic view of Stramberk 22 Panoramic view of Stramberk
23 Panoramic view 24 Main square 25 Traditional house 26 Houses in Stramberk
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