Jindrichuv Hradec is a small city located in the south of the Czech republic along the Vajgar lake. The area has been inhabited since the 10th century, although the first written mention of the town is of 1220. The historic core is centered on the beautiful Namesti miru main square and the nearby castle. The Namesti miru square is bordered by picturesque building facades and has a holy trinity column at its centre. The castle is located on a pond and was initially built in the 13th century, then expanded and rebuilt until the 17th century. For this reason it is built in a number of architectural styles ranging from gothic, to renessaince and baroque.
01 Holy trinity column 02 Namesti miru main square 03 Holy trinity column 04 Namesti miru main square with town hall
05 Namesti miru square with holy trinity column 06 Namesti miru main square 07 Church of the Assumption of Our Lady 08 Mestan restaurant and pension
09 Masarykovo square 10 Inner court of castle 11 Castle
12 Castle 13 Houses on Vajgar pond 14 Houses on Vajgar pond
15 Vajgar pond
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