The historic folk village of Holasovice (also known as Holašovice or Hollschowitz) lies 20km west of Ceske Budejovice in the south of the Czech republic. It consists of a number of houses in folk baroque style facing each other on a large 210x70m square. Holasovice is an exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a traditional central European village. It has a large number of outstanding 18th- and 19th-century vernacular buildings in a style known as South Bohemian folk Baroque. Holasovice was initially founded in the first half of the 13th century. After in 1521 almost the entire Czech population died due to a plague epidemic, Holasovice was settled again with Bavarian and Austrian settlers. At the end of World War II the German population was expelled and Holasovice was settled again by the Czech. After 1990 Holasovice was completely restored, and became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998.
01 Farmer house 02 Gate with yellow stripes 03 House in Holasovice 04 Wooden statue of jesus 05 Row of houses along main street
06 Baroque style farmer houses 07 Baroque style farmer houses 08 Row of houses along main street 09 Baroque style farmer houses
10 Baroque style farmer house 11 Row of houses along main street 12 Row of houses along main street
13 Baroque style farmer houses 14 Row of houses along main street
15 Panoramic view of Holasovice 16 House reflections in the pond
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