The historic centre of Pula extends for about 500m from north to south and is centered around the Citadel. From there, there are good views over the city and the harbour. The citadel, also known as Pula castle or fortress, was built by the Venetians between 1630 and 1633 and served as an important defensive point for Venetian control of the Adriatic. Around the citadel the roads follow a concentric circular pattern, while outside of the historic core the roads form a rectangular grid pattern. Flanaticka road is a pedestrian area with shops, cafes and restaurants. The St Francis monastery is located immediately outside the Pula fortress compound.
01 Sex shop 02 Flanaticka pedestrian area 03 Market building 04 Building facade 05 Trees
06 Restaurant on Flanaticka street 07 Flanaticka pedestrian area 08 Flanaticka pedestrian area 09 Arch of Sergii 10 Franjo Glavinic staircase 11 St Francis monastery
12 St Francis monastery 13 St Francis monastery inner court 14 St Francis church interior 15 St Francis church interior 16 St Francis church 17 Altar in St Francis church
18 St Francis monastery 19 St Francis clock tower 20 Pula fortress
21 Harbour 22 Pula panoramic view
23 Pula panoramic view 24 Bay and harbour
25 Cat 26 Pula fortress inner court
27 Pula City Mall 28 Pula City Mall
29 Pula City Mall
30 Pula City Mall 31 Pula City Mall interior 32 Pula City Mall interior 33 Interspar
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