Urumqi (Wulumuqi in Chinese) is the capital of the province of Xinjiang in the west of China. The city has slightly over 2 million inhabitants and is clean and well organised, with relatively clean air and blue skies (compared to other cities in China). It's a relatively modern city, with very little old architecture, but it has its own character and flair, being essentially a mix of a modern Chinese town and a Central Asian metropolis. Urumqi is the gateway to Xinjiang for all those arriving by plane.
01 Xinjiang university folk museum 02 Xinjiang university folk museum 03 Xinjiang university folk museum 04 Spices and dried fruits shop 05 Roasted chicken stall 06 Baked buns
07 Butchery with mutton carcasses 08 Mutton carcasses 09 Street and buildings 10 Grand bazaar 11 Erdaoqiao mosque 12 Red pomegranates
13 Inside the Grand Bazaar 14 Handicraft shops in Grand Bazaar 15 People walking on Erdaoqiao square 16 Fruit stalls on Erdaoqiao square 17 Melons
18 Grand bazaar and people 19 Erdaoqiao complex and square 20 Erdaoqiao square and mosque 21 Erdaoqiao square and mosque 22 Erdaoqiao square, mosque and tower
23 Camel and Erdaoqiao mosque 01 Street and buildings 02 Street and buildings 03 Yellow city bus 04 Yellow bus and building
05 Renmin city square 06 People Liberation column 07 Skyscrapers 08 People walking on Renmin city square 09 People walking on Renmin city square
10 Colourful stalls on Renmin city square 11 Colourful stalls on Renmin city square 12 Zhongshan road 13 Zhongshan road 14 Zhongshan road
15 Heilongjiang street and skyline 16 Train station building 17 Buses parked at the train station
18 Colourful buses near the train station 01 Erdaoqiao mosque at night 02 Erdaoqiao mosque at night 03 Jade jewellery shop 04 Open air bakery
05 Erdaoqiao mosque at night 06 Erdaoqiao mosque at night 07 Bayilaike bazaar 08 Erdaoqiao mosque at night 09 Shops on Erdaoqiao square
10 Illuminated minarets 11 Bas-relief showing Uighur people 12 Carrefour mall and Erdaoqiao mosque 13 Handicraft shop
14 Erdaoqiao complex and square 01 Urumqi skyline and street 02 Street 03 Long distance buses on road
04 Buses and skyscrapers 05 Hotel lobby 06 Airport 07 Aircrafts
01 Workers in a butcher shop 02 Uighur Muslim women with headscarf and small girl 03 Old Uighur men 04 Old Uighur man with beard 05 Food stall operator preparing skewers
06 Muslim Uighur food stall owner 07 Open air butchery with mutton carcasses 08 Men selling mutton meat 01 Northern entrance gate 02 Pond and pavilion
03 Pond, skyscraper and trees 04 Park and skyscrapers 05 Park and skyscrapers 06 Emperors hall 07 Emperors hall
08 White statue of poet Li Bai
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