The city of Turpan, also known as Turfan or Turufan, is an oasis city in Xinjiang located 150 km south of Urumqi in a mountain basin on the northern side of the Turpan depression. Part of the Turpan depression lies 154 m below sea level and is the lowest spot in China and the second lowest depression in the world. The city receives practically no rain and relies on a system of irrigation channels supplying the city with water from the nearby mountains. Near Turpan are several grape farms.
01 Statue of Emir and minaret 02 Minaret and mosque 03 Minaret 04 Minaret detail with ornamental brickwork 05 Minaret detail with ornamental brickwork
06 Side view of minaret and mosque 07 Minaret detail with ornamental brickwork 08 Wooden roof and ornamental windows 09 Wooden roof 10 Inner passageway
01 Outer walls and main gate 02 Staircases and pillars 03 Inner court and hall with pillars 04 Inner court and hall with pillars
05 Room with carpets and decorations 06 Inner court and palace 07 Staircase to upper level 01 Dried fruits 02 Different sorts of raisins
03 Raisins 04 Market scene with bread stalls 05 Flat bread stalls 06 Different sorts of raisins 07 Different sorts of raisins
08 Different sorts of raisins 09 Handicraft shop 10 Nuts and dried fruits seller 11 Nuts
12 Dried fruits 13 Fresh fruits stall 14 Fresh fruits stall 15 Bananas stall and seller
16 Bananas and apples stalls 17 Red apples 18 Stall with red apples 19 Uighur bread 20 Uighur bread
21 Uighur flat bread 22 Uighur flat bread 23 Uighur flat bread 24 Uighur bread 25 Uighur bread seller 01 Uighur bread seller and customer
02 Uighur bread seller and customer 03 Uighur carpet seller 04 Elder Uighur men with beard 05 Muslim Uighur men 06 Elder Uighur man with beard 07 Uighur street musicians
01 CNG liquefied gas pump 02 Chinese CNG petrol station 03 CNG liquefied gas pump 04 Department store 05 Green mosque dome and towers
06 Muslim Uighurs during prayer 07 Mosque and green towers 08 Minaret with ornamental brickwork 09 Green towers 10 Park and buildings 11 Bank of China building
12 Sheep herd on street 13 Traditional Uighur house 14 Traditional Uighur house 15 Sheep herd on street
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