The Sunday market is supposed to be a big thing, the biggest Sunday market in central Asia, an experience not to be missed. In reality in the recent years the Sunday market has been modernised thereby losing some of its distinctive, original flavour. Shown in this gallery are photos of the livestock market, which lies a few km out of Kashgar and of the downtown market around the big market hall.
01 Cattle 02 Calves 03 Man and cow 04 Cattle
05 Uighur men talking 06 Cattle being unloaded from a truck 07 Sheep 08 Horse cart 09 Old Kyrgyz man
10 Uighur men 11 Uighur men 12 Uighur men and cattle 01 Market hall 02 Uighur men
03 Street 04 Street and shoppers 05 Clothes vendor 06 Toiletries vendor and customer 07 Dried peppers and food
08 Ironmonger shop 09 Ironmonger shop 01 Green and red chilli peppers 02 Vegetables vendor 03 Cart with carrots
04 Salad vendor 05 Water melons 06 Water melons 07 Vegetables vendor
08 Donkey cart with vegetables 09 Vegetables vendor 10 Market street 11 Vegetables vendor 12 Vegetables vendor
13 Onions 14 Vegetables vendor 15 Vegetables vendor 16 Men selling garlic 17 Men selling garlic
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