As is the case with most cities in China, Kashgar consists mainly of modern buildings, although with a central Asian architecture. On the People's Square there is an 18 metre high statue of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong. It is one of the few large-scale statues of Mao Zedong remaining in China.
01 Pavement and buildings 02 Pavement and shops 03 Bank of China building and red lanterns
04 People square with Mao statue 05 Statue of Mao Zedong 06 Renmin Donglu street 07 Street and bus
08 Green bus 09 Street and lamppost 10 Grapes seller and cart 11 Grapes seller and cart 12 Renmin Donglu street and buildings
13 Id Kah square 14 Modern building 15 Green taxis 16 Street and taxis
17 Street and taxis 18 Main street 19 Parked motorbikes 20 China Mobile shop and people
21 China Southern plane in airport 22 Airport at sunset
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