Tashkurgan, also known as Taxkorgan or Tashkorgan (Tashikuergan in Chinese), lies at an altitude of 3600 metres along the Karakoram highway (the ancient Silk Road) in a plain between the Karakul lake and the Khunjerab pass. The inhabitants of Tashkurgan belong mainly to a Tajik ethnic minority. Tashkurgan has a long history as a stop on the Silk Road. Major caravan routes converged here on their way to Kashgar. In the valley near Tashkurgan there is a settlement of Kyrgyz people living in yurts.
01 Valley and city 02 Street with shops 03 Street with shops 04 Tajik women and children in traditional dress 05 Trees along street
06 Tajik girl 07 Tajik woman in traditional dress 08 Tajik woman in traditional dress 09 Tajik woman in traditional dress 10 Mosque gate 11 Fortress
12 Fortress walls 13 Fortress ruins 14 Valley with white yurts
15 Valley with white yurts 16 Valley with white yurts 17 Valley with white yurts
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