The Barkhor area is the part of the old town of Lhasa around the Barkhor square and the Jokhang temple. It contains a pilgrimage circuit that proceeds clockwise around the Jokhang temple, as well as many shops, stalls, teahouses and hawkers. Here is where tourists can find Tibetan jewellery, handicrafts and other Tibetan items.
01 Alley 02 Barkhor square 03 Barkhor square and Jokhang temple 04 Tibetan buddhist monks 05 Barkhor square and Jokhang temple
06 Pilgrims in Barkhor square 07 Jokhang temple 08 Golden dharma wheel and deer sculptures 09 Golden roof cylinder 10 Window
11 Jokhang Buddhist temple 12 Prayer wheel in Jokhang temple 13 Pilgrims praying in the Jokhang Buddhist temple 14 Wall inscription
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