Tianjin (天津 in Chinese) is a large city of 11 million inhabitants in China located along the Hai river, 110km southeast of Beijing, 50km from the Yellow Sea. It is directly administrated by the central government in Beijing. Towards the end of the 19th century western powers set up concessions in Tianjin, self-contained areas, one for each western country, used for trade and business. For this reason Tianjin has remnants of colonial architecture, mixed with modern architecture and traditional Chinese architecture. The centre of Tianjin is a beautiful area with a pleasant riverfront, colonial era architecture and a business district. Tianjin can be reached from Beijing in half an hour by train.
01 Haihe square pedestrian area 02 Bronze map of Tianjin 03 Central railway station
04 Century clock 05 Chinese museum of finance 06 Flower beds in pedestrian area 07 Flower beds in pedestrian area 08 Jinwan square
09 Open air market in Jinwan square 10 Flower beds 11 Jiefang north street
12 Red brick building in Chengde street 13 Red brick building in Chengde street 14 Colonial era building in Jiefang street 15 Bank of China 16 Bank of China door
17 Blue taxis 18 Colonial era building in Jiefang street 19 Waterfront
20 Waterfront at night 21 Century clock at night
01 Waterfront near old town 02 Residential buildings near waterfront 03 Tianjin Eye panoramic wheel
04 Fishing in the Hai river 05 Hai river at Yinluanrujin statue
06 Waterfront near Tianjin Eye 07 Hai river 08 Riverside promenade
09 Hai river 10 Business district skyscrapers 11 Business district 12 Business district
13 Tianjin World Financial Centre 14 Tianjin World Financial Centre 15 Business district 16 Business district at night
17 Business district at night 18 Business district at night 01 Food stalls 02 Confucius temple
03 Confucius temple 04 Red Chinese lanterns 05 Confucius temple 06 Red Chinese lanterns 07 Confucius temple
08 Woman praying with incense sticks 09 Confucius temple 10 Pedestrian area with shops 11 Historical area of Tianjin
12 Elephants and Buddhist wheel statue 13 Chinese temple 14 Chinese temple 01 High speed train
02 Food store and supermarket 03 Skyscraper 04 Skyscraper 05 Panoramic wheel cabins 06 Tianjin Eye cabin
07 Theatre 08 Plastic flowers 09 Tianjin World Financial Centre 10 Tianjin World Financial Center 11 Tianjin tower
12 Tianjin World Financial Center 13 Jin tower 14 Statue of naked man and woman 01 Skyline
02 Tianjin skyline 03 Skyline 04 Jingang bridge and business district
05 Skyline and Hai river 06 Shopping centre and Hai river 07 Shopping centre and Hai river
08 Hai river 09 Colonial waterfront 10 Colonial waterfront at night
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