The Sichuan province is the largest province in southwest China. It is a very diverse mountainous province crossed by 80 mighty rivers. The mountainous west is the province borders with the Tibetan plateau, while the east supports one of the densest rural populations in the world. The province is rich in natural resources and is home to the endangered Panda species.
Shown in this gallery are photos of Chengdu, Sichuan's capital, and of the Giant Panda Breeding Centre.
01 Street and shopping complex 02 People walking on the street 03 Shopping complex and people 04 Shopping complex and people 05 Street lamp 06 People walking on the pavement
07 Bicycle rickshaw 08 Pomelo seller 09 Pomelos 10 Refuelling a taxi with liquid gas 11 Chengdu airport
01 Entrance 02 Inner court and roofs 03 Court and pagoda 04 Court and pagoda
05 Court and pagoda 06 Pathway and roofs 07 Buddhist monks 08 Buddhist monks praying in the temple 09 Chinese lamp 10 Passage and columns
11 Court and pagoda 12 Inner court and roofs 13 Monks quarters 14 Passage 15 Inner court and pagoda
16 Column detail 01 Entrance 02 Giant panda 03 Giant panda 04 Giant panda
05 Giant panda relaxing on wooden poles 06 Panda cubs 07 Panda cubs 08 Giant panda 09 Giant panda
10 Giant panda
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