Qingdao, also known as Tsingtao, is a city in the east of Shandong. It is a major seaport, naval base, industrial center (the Haier Corporation, a major electronics firm, is located here) and the site of the famous Tsingtao Brewery, founded in 1903 by the Germans. Qingdao is a former German colony and retains many well-preserved colonial buildings. In and around Qingdao there are many beaches which attract many Chinese tourists.
01 Beach No 1 02 Beach No 1 03 Bride and groom 04 Bride on rocks and photographer
05 Bride and groom 06 Tourist shop with fishing rods 07 View of bay 08 People on beach
09 Pier 10 Pier and pavilion 11 Chinese navy ships 12 Rocky beach and people at sunset
13 Waterfront and shopping complex 14 Rocky beach are at sunset 15 Rocky beach are at sunset 16 Rocky beach are at sunset 01 Protestant church clock tower
02 Protestant church clock tower 03 Protestant church 04 Half-timbered house 05 Half-timbered house
06 Post office 07 Catholic church 08 Catholic church spires 09 Railway station square
10 Railway station 11 Railway station clock tower 12 Huashi Lou villa 13 Huashi Lou villa 14 Ying Binguan building
15 Interior of Ying Binguan 16 Interior of Ying Binguan 01 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan Lu street 02 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan Lu street 03 Skyscrapers and beach 04 Skyscrapers
05 Skyscrapers 06 Bestejahre restaurant 07 Bestejahre restaurant 08 Blue skyscraper 09 Playing Xiangqi Chinese chess 10 Playing Xiangqi Chinese chess
11 Green Tsingtao beer bottle and glass 12 Green Tsingtao beer bottle 13 Vegetables night market 14 Vegetables night market 15 Zhongshan commercial centre
16 Colonial building at night 17 Hotel building at night 01 Panorama view with tiled roofs 02 TV tower
03 Panoramic view of skyscrapers and bay 04 Bay and beach
05 No 6 bathing beach and skyscrapers 06 No 6 bathing beach and skyscrapers 07 Skyline at night
08 Skyline at night
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