Dalian, a city in the eastern Liaoning Province, is China's northernmost ice-free seaport. Although the first settlements in the area date back to the Qin and Han periods (221 B.C.-220 A.D.), Dalian only started developing in the second half of 19th century. Between 1895 and 1955 Dalian was occupied alternatively by the Japanese, Chinese and Russians. Due to limited damage suffered during World War II, much of Dalian's architectural heritage has been preserved. The city nowadays has a number of buildings in Russian and Japanese style, many lush parks and wide streets. Due to its mild climate and multiple beaches Dalian is a very popular destination among Chinese tourists.
01 Zhongshan road 02 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan street 03 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan street 04 Pedestrian area near train station 05 Cylindrical skyscraper
06 Open air theatre and skyscrapers 07 Train station 08 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan street 09 KFC restaurant
10 Skyscraper on Zhongshan street 11 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan street 12 Black building 13 Panorama view with skyscrapers
14 White building facade 15 Zhongshan street at night 01 Youhao friendship square and sphere 02 Youhao friendship square and sphere 03 Government building - Renmin People square
04 Government building - Renmin People square 05 Renmin People square panorama 06 White building and fountain - People square
07 Swan emblems 08 Subway 09 Subway and shops 10 Avenue and orange skyscraper 11 People boarding orange bus
12 Orange bus 13 Laodong park and TV tower 14 Laodong park and TV tower 15 Green mailbox 16 Chinese red lanterns
01 Market mall 02 Pedestrian area with shops 03 Pedestrian area with shops 04 Pedestrian area with shops 05 Female music band performing on stage
06 Ground floor of mall 07 Female music band performing on stage 08 Shopping mall interior 09 Shopping mall interior 10 Shopping mall interior
11 Pedestrian area at night 01 Police department building 02 Clock tower of police department building 03 City hall
04 Panorama view 05 Bank of China building 06 Citic industrial bank 07 Bank of China building
08 Bank of China building 09 Bank of China building 10 Bank of China building 11 Police department building
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