The Confucius Temple in Nanjing stands as a revered sanctuary, commemorating the influential philosopher Confucius. Nestled along the Qinhuai River, this ancient complex exudes tranquility and architectural splendor. Constructed during the Song Dynasty, the temple pays homage to Confucius with intricately adorned halls, serene courtyards, and classical Chinese gardens. Visitors are immersed in a cultural journey as they explore the sacred spaces adorned with stone tablets inscribed with Confucian teachings. Beyond its spiritual significance, the Confucius Temple serves as a cultural hub, hosting traditional performances and housing an array of antique shops, making it a cherished destination for both reflection and exploration.
01 Dacheng hall 02 Dacheng hall 03 Confucius 04 Confucius 05 Red talismans
06 Statue of Confucius 07 Golden hanging banners 08 Confucius temple 09 Confucius temple 10 Confucius temple
11 Confucius temple 12 Stone receptacle 13 China academy of classicl learning exhibition hall 14 Rickshaw 15 Tourist shop
16 Roast duck 17 Tourist shop 18 Street in Confucius temple tourist area with shops 19 Qinhuai river
20 Wang and Xie historical residence 21 Wang and Xie historical residence 22 Late Han dinasty vase with five sub-bottles 23 Lion statue in Wang and Xie historical residence 24 Statue of Wang Xizhi
25 Wang and Xie historical residence
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