The Window of the World is a replica park in Shenzhen with replicas of several famous tourist attractions found around the globe. These include the Mahamuni Pagoda of Yangon, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, the Eiffel Tower, the ancient Athens, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of London.
01 Motorbike and square 02 Square and hotel building 03 Square and fountain 04 People and staircase 05 Chinese couple posing for a photo 06 People walking on square
07 People walking on square 08 People walking on square 09 Square and people 10 Father and son 11 Billboard and Eiffel tower replica
12 Hua Qiao Cheng metro station 13 Hua Qiao Cheng metro station 14 Billboard screen 15 Colourful arch and people
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