Dunhuang has a clean city centre with a commercial area with many shops and many hotels. There is a small pedestrian area with shops and open air stalls selling artifacts and other tourist goods. Between the city and the dunes of the Gobi desert lies the Leiyin Buddhist temple, which at the time these photos were taken was undergoing a restoration. Dunhuang has an airport with direct flights to Urumqi, Lanzhou and other cities.
01 Airport 02 China Southern plane in airport 03 Panorama view of Dunhuang 04 Central hospital
05 Tree lined pavement with bicycles 06 Fruit market stalls 07 China telecom building with antennas 08 Statue of woman with mandolin 09 Tree lined street
10 Camel 11 Street sweeper 12 Main street with ornamental arches 13 Bus station 14 Chinese arch in pedestrian area 15 Dunhuang museum
16 Pavement in main shopping street 17 Pedestrian area with stalls and white and blue flags 18 White and blue flags 19 Leiyin Buddhist temple main entrance 20 Incense pot in Leiyin Buddhist temple
21 Buddhist monks in Leiyin temple 22 Leiyin Buddhist temple inner court 23 Coloured prayer flags in Leiyin Buddhist temple
24 Shanzhuang Mountain Villa hotel 25 Street at night with neon lights and decorations
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