The Wuyishan national park boasts an extensive network of tourist trails that showcase its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Among the most popular trails is the ascent to Heavenly Tour Peak (Tianyou Feng), offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The Tao trail starts shortly after the Tianyou peak and crosses an area of tea plantations. The path to Water Curtain Cave (Shuilian Dong) leads hikers through dense forests to a breathtaking waterfall. The trails along the Nine Bend River (Jiuqu Xi) provide serene walks with opportunities to witness the area's unique rock formations and lush vegetation. Additionally, the trails near the ancient Dahongpao tea bushes allow visitors to explore the historical significance and beauty of the region's renowned tea plantations. These well-maintained trails cater to various fitness levels, ensuring an enriching experience for all.
01 Dahongpao trail 02 Dahongpao trail 03 Dahongpao trail 04 Dahongpao trail 05 Dahongpao trail 06 Dahongpao trail
07 Dahongpao trail 08 Dahongpao trail 09 Dahongpao trail 10 Dahongpao trail 11 Dahongpao trail
12 Trail to Tianyou peak 13 Trail to Tianyou peak 14 Tianyou forest 15 Trail to Tianyou peak
16 Trail to Tianyou peak 17 Trail to Tianyou peak 18 Trail to Tianyou peak 19 Trail to Tianyou peak
20 Tianyou peak waterfall 21 Trail to Tianyou peak 22 Trail to Tianyou peak 23 Trail to Tianyou peak 24 Tianyou peak waterfall 25 Tianyou peak
26 Trail to Tianyou peak 27 Tianyou peak waterfall 28 Trail to Tianyou peak 29 Trail to Tianyou peak 30 Temple on Tianyou peak
31 Chinese inscriptions on Tianyou peak 32 Chinese inscriptions on Tianyou peak 33 Humajian valley 34 Tea plantations along Tao trail 35 Tao trail
36 Tea plantations along Tao trail 37 Tea plantations along Tao trail 38 Tao trail 39 Tea plantations along Tao trail 40 Tao trail
41 Tao trail 42 Tea plantations along Tao trail 43 Tao trail 44 Tao trail 45 Tao trail
46 Tao trail 47 Tao trail 48 Tao trail 49 Tao trail
50 Tao trail 51 Tao trail 52 Tao trail 53 Trail to Dawang peak
54 Trail to Dawang peak 55 Trail to Dawang peak 56 Dawang peak 57 Trail to Dawang peak 58 Trail to Yixiantian cave 59 Trail to Yixiantian cave
60 Trail to Yixiantian cave 61 Yixiantian cave 62 Yixiantian cave 63 Yixiantian cave 64 Yixiantian cave
65 Yixiantian cave
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