The Jiuqu River, or Nine Bend River, is a scenic highlight of Wuyishan National Park in Fujian, China. This meandering river, famed for its nine dramatic bends, offers tranquil bamboo raft rides that allow visitors to admire the park's lush vegetation and striking rock formations. As the river winds through the mountainous landscape, it provides breathtaking views and a serene experience, making it a must-visit attraction for nature lovers and adventure seekers exploring Wuyishan.
01 Trees along river bank 02 Trees along river bank 03 Jiuqu river 04 Jiuqu river 05 Jiuqu river
06 Twin peaks 07 Jiuqu river 08 Steep cliffs 09 Steep cliffs 10 River bank with trees
11 Steep cliffs 12 Jiuqu river 13 Jiuqu river 14 Trees along river bank 15 Jiuqu river
16 Jiuqu river 17 Bridge 18 Jiuqu river 19 Jiuqu river 20 Trees along river bank
21 Trees along river bank 22 Jiuqu river 23 Jiuqu river
24 Yunu viewpoint
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