The Tulou area in Fujian, specifically in the Nanjing County, is famous for its unique Tulou buildings, which are traditional communal residences in the mountainous areas of Fujian, China. These structures are circular or rectangular fortified earthen buildings, primarily inhabited by the Hakka people and other Chinese ethnic groups. The Tulou buildings are renowned for their ingenious design, which combines living quarters, storage, and defense functions.
The Tianluokeng Tulou cluster is one of the most iconic and well-known Tulou groups in the region. It consists of five earthen buildings arranged in a quincunx pattern, with four round buildings surrounding a central square structure: Zhenchang 振昌楼, Hechang 和昌楼, Ruiyun 瑞云楼 and Wenchang 文昌楼 (all round buildings) and Buyun 步云楼, a square building.
In the Yuchang village, not far from Tianluokeng, there is another tulou building.
The Taxia village (Taxiacun) is a picturesque Hakka village is located along a river in a valley in Shuyang Town.
The Hongkeng Tulou cluster, also known as the "Hakka Earth Building World," is another significant group of Tulou buildings located in the Hukeng Town of Yongding County, Fujian. This cluster includes the Zhenchenglou 振成楼 tulou, which contains another circular building inside.
A total of 46 Fujian tulou sites were inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
How to get to Tulou area
It's possible to book a tour starting in Xiamen. Another option is to take a train from Xiamen to Nanjing and from there charter a Didi car for the day.
01 Nanjing railway station 02 Entrance to Tianluokeng tulou cluster 03 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 04 Tianluokeng tulou cluster
05 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 06 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 07 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 08 Tianluokeng tulou cluster
09 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 10 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 11 Tianluokeng tulou cluster
12 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 13 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 14 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 15 Tianluokeng tulou cluster
16 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 17 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 18 Tianluokeng tulou cluster 19 Tianluokeng tulou building 20 Tianluokeng tulou building
21 Interior of Tianluokeng tulou 22 Interior of Tianluokeng tulou 23 Tianluokeng tulou building 24 Buyun building in Tianluokeng 25 Restaurants in Tianluokeng
26 Tianluokeng tulou building 27 Tianluokeng tulou building 28 Tianluokeng tulou building 29 Interior of Tianluokeng tulou
30 Yuchang 31 Yuchang 32 Loquat fruits 33 Yuchang tulou building
34 Yuchang tulou building 35 Interior of Yuchang tulou 36 Interior of Yuchang tulou 37 Interior of Yuchang tulou 38 Interior of Yuchang tulou
39 Interior of Yuchang tulou 40 Interior of Yuchang tulou 41 Interior of Yuchang tulou 42 Yuchang tulou building 43 Yuchang tulou building
44 Tea leaves 45 Tea leaves 46 Tea leaves 47 Taxiacun village 48 Taxiacun village
49 Geese climbing starcase in Taxia 50 Taxiacun village 51 Taxiacun village 52 Taxia village
53 Taxiacun village 54 Hongkeng 55 Chinese dragons in Hongkeng 56 Hongkeng Chinese temple
57 Zhenchenglou tulou in Hongkeng 58 Hongkeng tulou 59 Hongkeng tulou
60 Hongkeng tulou 61 Zhenchenglou tulou in Hongkeng 62 Zhenchenglou tulou in Hongkeng
63 Hongkeng tulou 64 Hongkeng tulou 65 Hongkeng tulou 66 Hongkeng tulou 67 Hongkeng tulou
68 Hongkeng tulou 69 Zhenchenglou tulou in Hongkeng 70 Hongkeng tulou
71 Hongkeng 72 Hongkeng tulou
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