Hongcun is a small village a couple of hundred of km west of Hangzhou in the historical Huizhou region of southern Anhui. It was first established in the Song dinasty and experienced its best time during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its main attraction are the very well preserved old Chinese houses and mansions in a picturesque countryside setting. Tourists pay a fee of 104 RMB to get into the village. Together with Xidi, Hongcun has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since the year 2000.
01 Hongcun 02 Art students creating watercolour paintings
03 Art students creating watercolour paintings 04 Art student creating watercolour painting 05 Hongcun 06 Hongcun
07 Hongcun 08 Yuhe hall 09 Pond and Lexu hall
10 Anhui house roofs 11 Old brick wall 12 Staircase 13 Stone decoration
14 Alley 15 Alley 16 Brooms 17 Pork legs 18 Restaurant table 19 Old mansion
20 Street with shops 21 Art students with umbrellas 22 Lexu hall 23 Lexu hall
24 Roof tiles 25 Alley 26 Main entrance to Hongcun across pond
27 Fog on river 28 Restaurant at dawn 29 Restaurant at dawn
30 Hongcun 31 Restaurants at night
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