Some of these photos were taken in September 2000 during the rainy season, some in December 2006 during the dry season. Rice is planted in during the rainy season in September and by December, at the beginning of the dry season, the rice plants have already developed panicles and the rice can be harvested. The Cambodian territory consists mainly of plains with small villages and a rural economy.
01 Pink water lilies 02 Pink water lilies 03 Pink water lilies 04 Rice field 05 Rice panicles
06 Rice plants 07 Rice panicles 08 Plains with water buffaloes in the rainy season 09 Plains in the rainy season 10 Farmers ploughing field with oxen
11 Wet rice field 12 Palm trees 13 Palm trees and irrigation channel 14 Plains in the dry season
15 Wooden farmer houses and cows 16 Petrol station 17 Plains in the dry season 18 Village market with stalls
19 Government compound 20 Plains in the dry season 21 Plains in the dry season 22 Road Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
23 Plains and dry rice fields
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