With 347000 inhabitants Plovdiv (Пловдив in Bulgarian) is the second largest city of Bulgaria and its economic centre. Its area has been settled since the 6th millenium BC, making it one of the oldest continuously settled cities in the world. Plovdiv has an interesting old town with several historic houses and a Roman amphitheatre on Nebet hill; on the hill's summit lie the ruins of an ancient Thracian fortress. At the bottom of the hill is a large pedestrian area which extends from Dzhumaya square, where the homonymous mosque and the ruins of the ancient stadium of Philippopolis lie, to the garden of tsar Simeon in the south.
Plovdiv lies in the Bulgarian plains on the banks of the Mariza river, 130km southeast of Sofia and 170km south of the Romanian border. It's a pleasant city with several green areas and a large number of historic buildings and sights.
How to get to Plovdiv
Plovdiv has an international airport with direct flights to a number of European cities. It is also accessible by road or by train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Ramada hotel 02 Garden of Tsar Simeon 03 Plovdiv municipality 04 Plovdiv municipality
05 Stefan Stambolov square 06 Fountain and municipality building 07 Plovdiv municipality
08 Fountain and municipality building 09 Stefan Stambolov square 10 Staircase in pedestrian area
11 Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis 12 Dzhumaya square 13 Dzhumaya square
14 Dzhumaya mosque 15 Dzhumaya mosque 16 Fruits seller 17 Roman amphitheatre 18 Telecommunications antennas
19 Tourist information centre 20 History museum 21 St Konstantin and Elena church 22 Nebet Tepe archaeological site
23 Plovdiv skyline 24 Park
25 Wall paintings 26 Wall paintings 27 Knyaz Alexander I pedestrian area 28 Together Plovdiv 2019
29 Soldiers statue 30 Flag decorations 31 Pedestrian area with flag decorations 32 Assumption of the holy virgin church 33 Assumption of the holy virgin church
34 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel boulevard 35 Mosaic wall painting 36 Wall paintings 37 City gallery of fine arts
38 Mevlevi Hane dervish monastery 39 Mevlevi Hane dervish monastery 40 Sculpture in old town 41 Ethnographic museum
42 Municipal institute ancient Plovdiv 43 Hindliyan house 44 Mall Plovdiv
45 Mall Plovdiv 46 Sveta Petka church 47 Roman amphitheatre
48 Old town at night 49 Hisar Kapia gate 50 Hisar Kapia gate 51 Ethnographic museum 52 Rahat Tepe beer house
53 Plovdiv skyline 54 Hisar Kapia gate 55 Saint Nedelya church
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