A selection of pictures of the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque in Kampong Kiarong in Brunei. This is the largest and most magnificent mosque in the sultanate and a symbol of Islam's hold in the country.
01 Mosque with golden domes, minarets and park 02 Mosque with golden domes and minarets 03 Minaret with golden dome 04 Golden dome and islamic architecture 05 Covered walkway
06 Portal 07 Wing with golden dome and arches 08 Courtyard with fountain 09 Side view with courtyard, golden domes and minaret
10 Marble window in Islamic style 11 Black marble staircase 12 Black marble colonnade and garden 13 Minaret with Islamic style decorations 14 Minaret with golden dome
15 Portal 16 Side view with minaret and golden dome
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