There are about 400 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. The ones in the Qobustan national park are located 15 km south of the museum. These mud volcanoes are conical structures ouf of which mud flows out due to a geological process by which water mixes with earth and other minerals at a certain depth and is forced upwards by subterranean pressure. Bubbles of gas (typically methane) emerge and explode, releasing the gas to the atmosphere.
Despite the name, the temperature of the mud in the mud volcanoes is relatively low (in the 2°C to 100°C range). At the site in the Qobustan national park there are a few dozen mud volcanoes, most between 1m and 3m high, not all of them emitting mud.
01 Dirt track to mud volcanoes 02 Mud volcanoes area 03 Bubble in mud volcano 04 Mud volcano
05 Mud volcano 06 Bubble in mud volcano 07 Mud volcanoes and pond 08 Car parking
09 Mud bubble 10 Burst mud mubble 11 Mud bubble 12 Burst mud mubble
13 Mud bubble 14 Bursting mud mubble 15 Burst mud mubble 16 Mud volcano
17 Mud volcano 18 Mud volcano 19 Mud volcano 20 Bubbles in mud volcano
21 Bubbles in mud volcano 22 Mud volcanoes area
23 Mud stream 24 Petrol pond
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