A selection of pictures of downtown Vienna, the area stretching from the Parliament to the Prater amusement park and comprising the Hofburg complex, the townhall and the Volksgarten. This part of Vienna was built in the 19th century.
Vienna reflects its glorious past as the former leading city in central Europe and capital of a huge empire. Today Vienna is a city robed in 18th century charm and 19th century grandeur.
01 Parliament building 02 Pallas Athene statue 03 Town hall (Rathaus) 04 Town hall (Rathaus) 05 Town hall (Rathaus)
06 Volkstheater 07 Tulips in Volksgarten 08 Cafe Central 09 Cafe Central 10 Hofburgtheater - Hofburg theatre
11 Side view of Hofburgtheater 12 Hofburg 13 Hofburg - gate 14 Hofburg - interior 15 Hofburg - gate
16 Hofburg 17 Horse carriage 18 Near the opera 19 Downtown Vienna 20 Cafe Mozart
21 Lamppost detail 22 Donauland book club 23 Prater - Giant ferris wheel 24 Prater - Giant ferris wheel 25 Giant ferris wheel detail 26 View from giant ferris wheel
27 Fountain 28 Goethe statue 29 Downtown Vienna 30 Johann Andreas von Liebenberg monument 31 Palmenhaus
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