Wildlife in Australia consists of many unique species, which evolved in Australia in isolation following its separation from the other landmasses at the end of the dinosaur period. Australia is home to the marsupials, a class of mammals who give birth to a partially formed embryo which then develops in a pouch of the mother animal. Examples of marsupials are kangaroos, wallabies and koalas. Parrots can easily be found anywhere in Australia. In certain areas sulphur crested cockatoos are as common as pigeons in Europe and can be found even in cities.
01 Sulphur crested cockatoos and tourist 02 Red parakeet 03 Sulphur crested cockatoo 04 Sulphur crested cockatoo 05 Sulphur crested cockatoo
06 Sulphur crested cockatoo 07 Grey parrots 08 Koala 09 Koala 10 Koala
11 Koala 12 Koala 13 Kangaroo 14 Kangaroo 15 Grey kangaroo
16 Kangaroo 17 Kangaroo 18 Kangaroo 19 Kangaroo 20 Kangaroo
21 Kangaroo 22 Kangaroo 23 Wallaby 24 Wallaby
25 Wallaby 26 Wallaby 27 Wallaby 28 Pelicans 29 Pelicans
30 Pelicans 31 Bird 32 Echidna 33 Dingo
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