In addition to the skyscrapers of the Central Business District, the central area of Melbourne consists a large number of colonial era buildings with beautiful facades. Flinders Street Station and the Victoria library are nice examples of 19 century architecture. Here is where most economic and cultural activity of Melbourne is concentrated.
01 Flinders station clock tower 02 Flinders station clock tower 03 Federation square 04 St Paul cathedral 05 St Paul cathedral
06 Anti-war demonstration on Federation square 07 Anti-war demonstration on Federation square 08 Federation square 09 Flinders street station 10 St Paul cathedral
11 Entrance to Rialto towers 12 National bank and tram 13 Silk road bar 14 Angus bookstore 15 Gothic bank and ANZ banking museum
16 Hardy brothers jewellery store 17 Central shopping mall 18 Central shopping mall 19 Central shopping mall 20 Central shopping mall
21 Central shopping mall 22 Occitane beauty shop 23 Central shopping mall 24 La Trobe statue 25 Street and skyline
26 Victoria library 27 La Trobe 28 Letter boxes 29 Yellow taxis
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