The historic core is centered around the 1st November square next to the Bey palace. This is a not too hectic area which can be easily explored on foot, starting from the 1st November square and moving south towards the Great Library (the former Sacred Heart Cathedral of Oran).
The historic core is not tourist-oriented. Some historic buildings such as the palace of the Bey for instance are in a poor condition and not accessible for tourists. The restaurants are mostly of the fast food/ grilled meat type.
01 Regional theatre 02 Regional theatre 03 Sidi Brahim monument 04 Sidi Brahim monument 05 Regional theatre
06 First November 1954 square 07 Obelisk bas-relief 08 First November 1954 square
09 White building facade 10 First November 1954 square 11 City Hall 12 City Hall 13 Baghdadi Mohamed street 14 Old town
15 Great library 16 Hamou Boutlelis square 17 Great library 18 Sacred Heart Cathedral of Oran
19 Neoclassical building 20 Compagnie Algerie building 21 Emir AEK boulevard 22 Royal hotel 23 Hotel Royal
24 Royal hotel 25 Palace of the Bey 26 Palace of the Bey
27 Kasbah 28 Kasbah 29 Abdellah Ben Salem mosque
30 Museum of arts 31 Great synagogue of Oran
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