The Grand Mosque Abdelhamid Ibn Badis is located near an intersection, a few km east of the centre of Oran. It was inaugurated in 2015. The mosque has a minaret which is 104m tall and can accommodate 25000 people. It is built with stone in white-light beige colour. Next to the mosque there is a large parking for cars.
01 Minaret 02 Minaret 03 Grand mosque 04 Grand mosque
05 Grand mosque 06 Outer wall 07 Colonnade 08 Colonnade
09 Inner court 10 Grand mosque rear view
11 Colonnade and minaret 12 Minaret 13 Colonnade 14 Door 15 Facade detail
16 Facade detail 17 Door 18 Prayer hall 19 Chandelier 20 Dome
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