The port of Oran extends for several km along the coast around Oran, from the bay of Mers el kebir in the west to the east of Oran. The eastern section, close to the historic core, contains the ferry terminal with ferries to Spain (Alicante, Almeria), while the western part - still under construction - is for cargo shipping. Oran has a public transportation system consisting of buses and tramways.
01 Ardis shopping mall 02 Tram 03 Tram
04 View towards Mers-el-Kebir 05 Port of Oran
06 Oran harbour 07 Port of Oran 08 Ferry terminal
09 Oran harbour 10 Oran harbour
11 Port of Oran
12 Oran harbour 13 Boston Trader ship 14 Belstar and Emona Valletta ships
15 Green mosque
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