Historic core photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Historic core
Old town photo gallery  - 34 pictures of Old town
18 photos of historical buildings in Beirut
34 photos of the historical area between the cathedral and the upper town
Upper town photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Upper town
Lower town photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Lower town
22 photos of the Upper Town, the medieval core of Zagreb
24 photos of the Lower Town, the central area of Zagreb with shops, restaurants and cafes
Historic core photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Historic core
City centre photo gallery  - 40 pictures of City centre
23 photos of the area southeast of the citadel, comtaining a pedestrian area and neoclassical architecture
40 photos of the centre of Skopje with its buildings in neoclassical style
Old bazaar and fortress photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Old bazaar and fortress
Kotor photo gallery  - 36 pictures of Kotor
Old town photo gallery  - 25 pictures of Old town
20 photos of the historic part of Skopje north of the Vardar river
36 photos of Kotor, a small medieval harbour town in a narrow bay in Montenegro
25 photos of the historic core of Bucharest
Sibiu photo gallery  - 34 pictures of Sibiu
Sopron photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Sopron
Galle photo gallery  - 57 pictures of Galle
34 photos of Sibiu, a city in Transylvania with an elegant and beautiful historic core
30 photos of Sopron, a Hungarian city at the border to Austria with an Austrian heritage
57 photos of Galle, a picturesque coastal city in Sri Lanka with a rich historic heritage
Old town photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Old town
Midyat photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Midyat
32 photos of the historic core of Sanliurfa
23 photos of Midyat, a small city in southeast Turkey with an interesting historic core
Old town photo gallery  - 37 pictures of Old town
Historic centre photo gallery  - 36 pictures of Historic centre
Bryggen photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Bryggen
37 photos of the historic core of Munich
36 photos of the Nidaros cathedral and other old buildings in Trondheim
26 photos of Bryggen, the historic area with Hanseatic heritage wooden commercial buildings around the harbour
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