Bario photo gallery  - 37 pictures of Bario
Tibet photo gallery  - 157 pictures of Tibet
Karakoram highway photo gallery  - 123 pictures of Karakoram highway
37 photos of the town of Bario, the airport, the Pa Umor and Pa Ukat longhouses and the treks
157 photos of Tibet including its capital Lhasa, the Lhasa valley and the Ganden and Drepung monasteries
123 photos of the Karakoram highway with the Karakul lake, the Kongur Tagh and Muztagh Ata mountains, the Khunjerab pass and breathtaking mountain scenery
Bolaven plateau photo gallery  - 168 pictures of Bolaven plateau
Xieng Khouang photo gallery  - 140 pictures of Xieng Khouang
Malaysia's Mountains and Highlands photo gallery  - 303 pictures of Malaysia's Mountains and Highlands
168 photos of the Bolaven plateau, a highlands area in southern Laos
140 photos of the Xieng Khouang province in northern Laos with the Plain of Jars, its capital Phonsavan and photos of scenery, villages and Lao people
303 photos of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, the highest peak in SE Asia, of Bario and the Kelabit Highlands in the centre of Borneo, of the Cameron Highlands in West Malaysia.
Kelabit Highlands photo gallery  - 109 pictures of Kelabit Highlands
Central Mongolia landscapes photo gallery  - 27 pictures of Central Mongolia landscapes
109 pictures of the Kelabit highlands in central Borneo.
27 photos of the high plains in Central Mongolia
Kurdistan photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Kurdistan
14 photos of the Kurdistan province in western Iran
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