Panoramas and views photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Panoramas and views
Loire river valley photo gallery  - 119 pictures of Loire river valley
15 photos of the Bratislava castle and panoramic photos of Bratislava, including photos of the skyline of Bratislava by night
119 photos of the Loire river valley known for its world-famous castles
Azay le Rideau castle photo gallery  - 34 pictures of Azay le Rideau castle
Villandry castle photo gallery  - 31 pictures of Villandry castle
34 photos of the castle of Azay le Rideau, lying in a beautiful setting on the Indre river
31 photos of the castle of Villandry in the Loire valley with its impressive gardens
The castle photo gallery  - 10 pictures of The castle
Sao Jorge castle photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Sao Jorge castle
10 photos of the Villandry castle
23 photos of the Sao Jorge castle, the former residence of the Portuguese kings
Ajloun castle photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Ajloun castle
Desert castles photo gallery  - 43 pictures of Desert castles
Arg-e Karim Khan citadel photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Arg-e Karim Khan citadel
24 photos of the Ajloun castle, an impressive castle built in the 12th century to protect against the Crusaders
43 photos of the Desert castles in Jordan, a series of 7th century palaces and fortresses east of Amman
17 photos of the citadel of Karim Khan in central Shiraz
Kharanaq photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Kharanaq
Meybod photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Meybod
Hluboka nad Vltavou castle photo gallery  - 34 pictures of Hluboka nad Vltavou castle
Dresden castle photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Dresden castle
13 photos of the deserted village of Kharanaq, with the ruins of a mud brick castle and other sights
20 photos of the historic mud brick city of Meybod, located 52km north of Yazd
34 photos of the Hluboka castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech republic
14 photos of the castle of Dresden, the residence of the kings of Saxony along the Elbe river
Pillnitz castle photo gallery  - 4 pictures of Pillnitz castle
Lednice photo gallery  - 49 pictures of Lednice
Kronborg castle photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Kronborg castle
4 photos of the baroque Pillnitz castle near Dresden along the Elbe river
49 photos of the impressive, UNESCO-listed Lednice castle in the south of the Czech republic
18 photos of the Kronborg castle, a renessaince fortress in Denmark
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