Wieskirche church photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Wieskirche church
Old town hall photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Old town hall
Cathedral photo gallery  - 12 pictures of Cathedral
Neue Residenz and Domplatz photo gallery  - 7 pictures of Neue Residenz and Domplatz
10 photos of the Wieskirche, the most beautiful rococo church in Bavaria and a UNESCO world heritage site.
8 photos of the Old Town Hall, one of the most significant historical buildings in Bamberg
12 photos of the Bamberg cathedral, the most significant landmark of Bamberg
7 photos of the Neue Residenz, the former residence of the rulers of Bamberg
Churches photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Churches
City centre photo gallery  - 13 pictures of City centre
Rossio and around photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Rossio and around
9 photos of several churches in Bamberg
13 photos of the historic centre of Bamberg
29 photos of the Rossio, a large square in central Lisbon
Royal palace and Campo del Moro gardens photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Royal palace and Campo del Moro gardens
City centre photo gallery  - 25 pictures of City centre
Holasovice photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Holasovice
Frauenkirche photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Frauenkirche
20 photos of the baroque Royal Palace in Madrid, the official residence of the King of Spain
25 photos of the historic core of Granada and the Albaicin district
16 photos of the historic folk village of Holasovice in the Czech republic, a UNESCO World Heritage site
14 photos of the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church in Dresden with a characteristic bell shape
Around the Elbe river photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Around the Elbe river
Dresden castle photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Dresden castle
Pillnitz castle photo gallery  - 4 pictures of Pillnitz castle
9 photos of the river banks of the Elbe in Dresden
14 photos of the castle of Dresden, the residence of the kings of Saxony along the Elbe river
4 photos of the baroque Pillnitz castle near Dresden along the Elbe river
Theaterplatz photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Theaterplatz
Zwinger photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Zwinger
8 photos of Theaterplarz in Dresden, where some of the major landmarks of Dresden are located
10 photos of the Zwinger, a beautiful Rococo-style palace and major tourist attraction in Dresden
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